Case Studies

The documented results of a study, into the development and successes of a particular person, a business or group, over a period of time.

Case Studies

The Dynamo behind the Success.

Only dr. Jay – t/a

From coalface to mogul, from molten lead type to digital creations at unimaginable speeds, from swab to admiral, still that one helmsman, steering The iPublicidades and Speedread organization, Dr Jay as we all know him, the dynamo behind the lists of achievements.

Driven by inimitable curiosity and 55 years of hard graft, experience, and expertise, Dr. Jay C. Polmar impregnates his printing and publishing businesses with 5+ decades’ collective craft, creativity and artistry, which he has channelled principally into iPublicidades since 1997.

It is iPublicidades that has set standards for and broken records in the print & publication industry.
iPublicidades has become arguably the first if not the only publisher-printer who is able to produce a book, artwork and cover included, in One Day turnaround, with an average of 3-5 days on non-rush jobs, from confirmation of order to delivery.

First World Thrives in Mexico

iPublicidades is possibly also the first and only ultra qualified ‘first world’ publisher to settle and flourish in the so-called ‘3rd world’ environment of Mexico, located just outside Mexico City. That is why YOU will get absolute top notch print & publication results at unbeatable prices while iPublicidades also, still operates profitably, with aspirational business savvy to say the least.This Business Profile of Jay Polmar (Ph D) shows how he has taken his modern technology and founded iPublicidades in Mexico near on two decades ago, not only because of humanitarian considerations, he realised he could have his cake and eat it.

Dr Jay is married to a Mexican native, Ceci, who is also active in the daily operation of iPublicidades and his right hand in more ways than one, taking into consideration, Dr Jay was at one stage declared nigh on 70% physically incapacitated. That was due to the result of operations required to repair physical damages to his spine resulting from a work accident with a major telecommunications provider in Florida.

That botched operation led to further operations till one, resulted in additional damage, which so far has culminated in 33 surgeries leaving him still 67% disabled.It was that sheer determination which he invested in his own life, recovering from a bed-ridden capsule in 1994, who was awake but had no means to communicate, could only engage in his own thoughts, which is also behind the accumulative successes of iPublicidades which was established only 3 years later in 1997.

Success despite Impairment

Dr Jay went through a wheel chair faze, till he discarded those mechanical means in 2001 as a part of his self-induced psychological rehabilitation. He since uses any other available support, including walls on his torturous short journeys to get to where his work awaits him, relentlessly setting an example for his family work force, all of whom are available to the cause of iPublicidades on a literal 24/7 basis.
That same tenacity remains the force behind the continuing successes of Publicidades and the Speedread business he still directs as well.

His colleagues are provided with every means to allow them such dedication. Dr Jay spends on average thousands of dollars per month on computers, hard- and software, ensuring his staff have all the electronic support required to remain abreast and often ahead of the market in time and quality required.

In his modern outlook Jay allows the creative and artistic staff to do most of their innovative work from the seclusion and privacy of their own homes, where they are equipped with large screen monitors and TV screens to carefully edit their own work and enable them to scan for minute imperfections, to deliver the best possible art, print and publishing results

Final Plan

Have no fear, Dr Jay is well aware of his mortality and is the first to indicate his present survival and motility is no less than a miracle and he has his succession well prepared within his collective dedicated colleagues. Most of them have titles deserved from reputable Art & Trade Colleges and Universities in Mexico and the USA and are well prepared for the time when the admiral is whistled off his ship.

Apart from a few younger apprentices, the rest of the team has been with Dr Jay from, or shortly after the establishment of iPublicidades and have a decade or longer experience including previous positions.
Dr Jay’s eventual demise will not affect past, present or future agreements with iPublicidades, while in the interim you may know the master is still in control. The full complement of trained and qualified staff working permanently under Dr Jay’s direction is 32 at present and in addition, numerous freelance assistants are on call, ready to deliver as and when required.

Printing Encounter

This Case Study shows how Dr Jay was 13 years old when he started his 1st own, home-based business for which he required a rubber stamp, which he ordered from a local supplier and duly received. He then noticed that one character, apart from being inverted was also upside down. That amused and appalled him, not only was it useless, he could not comprehend how that was at all possible. He arranged a visit to the workshop of that supplier and there he had his first encounter with type’s castes, mirror faced lead type set, printing, and the inevitable publishing.

Only three years later at 16 he ventured into part time sales and within weeks closed his first printing deal worth $XX, which was a formidable amount, regarding it was back in 1962 and he was a scholar. Ever since that first encounter printing has been the financial framework of his life, right through to retirement, where he is supposed to be now, albeit only in words and not yet fact.

Virtually all other endeavours and impressive achievements J.C. Polmar attained during his illustrious life are also directly or indirectly linked to that early ‘printing’ appointment. Now in his final phase he is a printer and publisher of note, still everything else, including him being one of the most prolific authors of his era and on subjects or topics of his choosing, are related thereto.


Jay C. Polmar, Ph.D. is one of the most unique teachers, writers, coaches, and therapists alive today. One of his beloved and most successful areas of expertise is hypnotherapy, wherein he reached unparalleled success, with a method we will refer to as “religio-belief”. During the initial patient interview he asked two questions that were radically unique: “what is your religion?” and, “Apart from your religion what do you really believe in?”
Then he would rewrite the hypnosis script to fit the person’s religion and also their actual belief system, while that person was present and then discussed it. Since the subject saw it, heard it and realised it was written to fit his religion as well as belief system, how could it not work for him.

These hypnotherapy sessions were mostly curative in design and people have been cured of all kinds of diseases, so much Dr Jay got in a lot of trouble with the AMA and the APA, but he was a hypnotherapist with accompanying credentials in religion, for that specific protection and he was allowed to proceed. Dr Jay has never claimed to be the omnipotent ‘healer’. Realistically he merely ‘uncovered’ the formula for healing the ‘human-being’, as in old scriptures “thy faith make thee whole”. Through his unique approach he employed hypnosis as the catalyst to instil that “faith” and “belief” in oneself and one’s own healing power, whether the individual attributed the result to a God or NOT, the healing ability would be amplified in multiples, which so often stopped even cancer in its tracts during therapy.


Dr Jay also did hypnotherapy on many people of religious callings, in related occupations, ministers, nuns, and even a priest who was seriously ill with cancer which had already been declared terminal. Also that priest was healed by the power of ‘his Christ within him’, hypnosis being merely the stimulant for it to be so.
That individual of the cloth then began to proclaim that a hypnotherapist invoked Christ to heal him of his terminal cancer, not an established or acceptable doctrine of the Church and the priest was prematurely sent off to a remote retirement home, perhaps to limit his heretical influence on parishioners.

Many of Dr Jay’s successes, as well as those of other hypno-therapists who trained with him have been in the cure of chemical substance abuse and dependence, as well as post-traumatic stress, specifically the treatment of soldiers back from the active duty on war fronts, of which the United States folk have seen far too much.
Dr Jay has studied hypnotherapy in its various applications, he also studied with masters in holistic health who used hypnosis or Western forms of active meditation for treatment of diseases, improving health in general. Dr Jay wrote scripts based on studies of cancer remission with the Simonton method and worked with numerous doctors and chiropractors to enact health improvement with patients with the assistance of hypnosis.

Speed-reading & Success

His second most acknowledged genius lies in speed reading, learning acceleration and knowledge retention. He draws his methods from many disciplines and techniques to help people release themselves from the inherent, mostly self-imposed limitations that have held them back from experiencing success, peace, love and joy in their lives. Dr. Jay helps you to remove those self- imposed limitations, access your greater abilities, and acknowledge the greater purpose in YOUR life.

Dr. Jay began his studies more than 40 years ago at various respected institutes of learning: CCNY – Baruch School of Business, the Institute of Advanced Studies, the Institute of Advanced Thinking, the Hypnosis Training Institute, the Institute of Behavioral Sciences, the Institute of Graphology and the Institute of Psychorientology. He also fine-tuned his skills during private education with Lee Landfried, C.H., Silva Mind Development, Sutphen Seminars and courses with Alexander Everett known as the teacher of teachers. This unrivalled educational profile has led Dr. Jay to use a blend of therapy and educational modalities to assist people in opening up their own inner potential in order to achieve greatness in their own lives.

Gifted Teacher

Dr. Jay is even more able as a teacher than he had been a student and his research studies in left/right-brain/mind exploration led him to the development of programs which were first taught in Texas in 1979. Following this, his programs were subsequently taught at the Free University in Albuquerque from 1980-1982 and at the Life Seminar Center, also in Albuquerque, from 1981-1983. He has taught at the University of Nevada, Clark County Community College, Maui Community College, University of Hawaii, Windward Community College, the University of New Mexico at Los Alamo and the University of Oregon at Eugene.

Dr. Jay has also taught privately in several cities throughout the U.S. for private learning institutes, educational corporations, holistic health and self-growth centers situated in Florida.This prolific, intertwined talents of student/teacher/coach and guru has developed Dr. Jay into a creative problem solver and a positive thinker with extensive training to back it all. He has over 22,000 hours of expertise as a clinician in hypnosis, hypnotherapy, and deprogramming (psychodetoxification) from cults, abusive substances and emotional traumas. He has taught over 8,000 students and business professionals across nine states to use their brain/mind abilities to improve various aspects of their lives beyond recognition. He is continually developing and improving his programs based upon further research and testing. His research in Accelerated Learning and Speed Reading has brought Dr. Jay worldwide acclaim from both students and instructors alike.

Case studies
Case studies

His Speed Reading courses are designed to improve both short and long term memory, build motivation to read more, expand comprehension of the material being read and improve concentration. Here are some of the titles of related material that Dr Jay has created:

SPEED READING IN ONLY ONE HOUR is the only course in America guaranteed to double or triple your reading speed in just one hour.

28 MINUTES TO FASTER READING will help you to double or even triple your reading speed in less than half an hour.

BE DYNAMIC THROUGH SPEED READING is a self-taught 7.5 hour college/ university course that Dr. Polmar taught from 1980-1993 in locations from Florida to Hawaii.Bio – Dr. Jay Polmar 2

BUSINESS SPEED READING FOR SUCCESS is specifically designed to help MBAs and professional business people learn speed reading and business success skills.

11-MINUTE SPEED READING is a program that consists of just one very well written and timed 11-minute course created in a time-saving format.

SPEED READING FOR CHILDREN which contains much of the same ground breaking material as Dr. Jay’s other programs but is specifically geared towards children.

Each of these books and programs contain both written and audio materials and resources, much of it voiced by Dr. Jay himself, to give the student the unique experience of actually being in one of Dr. Jay’s seminars.
Dr Jay has received praise in every venue where he has taught, far too many to be listed in this limited space.
Before and after becoming a famous publisher, Dr Jay published his own material as listed above, while he is also a famous author on other topics. He has written and printed over 50 titles which include some as diverse as (here I want you to list at least 10 – 12 of your most important books, excluding the ones noted above.)
Now that he is on top of his world, looking down on his creations, Dr Jay shares his fortunes; his fortune of knowledge, expertise and accomplishments. Dr Jay is regularly involved with various authors, helping, coaching, and directing them to complete their works and have them published.

Benefits for Disadvantaged

He has publicly offered all his speed reading and business course with no charge or obligation to all Spanish speaking people, as a gesture of gratitude for the welcome he has enjoyed as a permanent resident in Mexico and the unwavering support and devotion he experienced and received from his Mexican associates,
viva Mexico!

Ipublicidades and Dr Jay are flourishing in Mexico, so do all his colleagues who share in that welfare as well as the thousands of past, present and repeat customers who deal with him and benefit from the combination of incomparable quality, unbelievable prices and astounding turn-around times. Where ever else will you get
book cover prices between $79 and $147 depending on its complexity from ‘simple, to intermediate and intricate’, and have the proof delivered within 24 hours????

Success despite Perception

All that despite the fact that his publishing profile was forced to change its identification from the USA, where the Doctor continuously maintains staff and offices, to that of Mexico where the manufacturing and printing plants of iPublicidades are located. Within months of the ID change Dr Jay lost 80% of his American business, only because of the “3rd World” perception the Americans in general have of businesses in Mexico.
The offers still stand and in the meantime the less biased British, Australian, New Zeelanders, South Africans and the rest of Europe have scored and iPublicidades still remains one of the leaders in the print & publication Industry.

Please read the portfolio and summary sections of this profile as well for more detail pertaining to our vast repertoire of products, publications, offers and the plethora of past and existing, internationally renowned clients.

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