Sales Letters

A sales letter is a direct mail which is designed to persuade the reader to purchase a particular product or service in the absence of a salesman.

Sales Letter on: Governance, Risk & Compliance Software

This Sales Letter proves why; No Business needs to contract with more than one GRC Service provider when they have more than one GRC requirement, you need the One Stop Cure from CURA Software.

This CURA Software News Letter introduces the only GRC Solution which is fully configurable to the clients’ exact and total needs, including work-flow and audit and we always prove our claims before any charges ensue.

Do any or all of the following areas present a dilemma in your Organisation?:
• Enterprise Risk Management
• Compliance Management
• Internal Audit
• Business Continuity Management
• Combined Assurance
• SREQ Management
• Financial Controls
• IT Governance
• Quality Management
• Control Self-Assessment
• Incident Management
• Asset Loss Investigation
If so; as we state in our Website Content, and confirm with this Sales Letter, allow us an initial 30 minutes of your time to assess the required cure to be implemented and the dilemma brought under control.

Sales Letters
Sales Letters

Like with the pudding, proof of our claim lies in the tasting (verification) which is demonstrated by the exalted list of direct partners, some Fortune 500 companies in this Sales Letter, which are users of Cura Software GMC Solutions:

Price Waterhouse Coopers
Glenrand MIB
Old Mutual Asset Management Group,
SA Reserve Bank
Eli Lilly
Glaxo Smith Kline plc
Petro SA
Anglo American plc
De Beers
Coca Cola
Vodaphone plc and more.

Time means money, Risks mean loss; contact the Cura Solutions department now. A Sales Letter like this can help your business prosper.

Contact us today; by phone, e-mail, or fill in the online form to provide information, to determine how we can assist you and your business (Click Here)