White Papers

A government report giving detailed information on proposals, and interim or concluded legislation. OR, a detailed record of a business, its products, development and successes.

White Papers

Governance, Risk & Compliance, Management Software Solutions:


This White Paper will describe the benefits; Why: Multiple Organisations worldwide, including our Government and many of South Africa’s top businesses including De Beers, Standard Bank, Anglo American and Vodacom, as well as numerous Fortune 500 Companies, rely on Cura Software Solutions to make their Governance, Risk and Compliance so effective and efficient.
Risk assessments need to be conducted with a common methodology to ensure the data is created in a structured fashion to normalise the way, identified risks are measured, managed, mitigated, and communicated.
Follow our White Papers for detail, how to Streamline your Risk Assessment Methodology with the Cura Enterprise GRC Platform. It is possible to write a separate White Paper on each of the services offered.
Among the Cura fully configurable GRC Solutions are included:

White Paper: Cura Compliance Management Software Solution

Which enables organisations to create a harmonised set of internal controls to facilitate operational transparency and ensure compliance with the ever-increasing requirements of state, provincial and international regulations, specifications, policies, acts, standards and laws.

Cura is so powerful, we had to create a White Paper to explain how they combine powerful compliance management capabilities into a flexible solution that streamlines processes and reduces errors, as opposed to any lone-standing or manual method.

White Paper: Cura Internal Audit Management Software Solution

Cura Audit is an internal audit management software solution that provides a systematic, disciplined approach to audit management. It combines powerful tools to streamline the entire audit process; assessing, scheduling, planning, documenting, testing, reporting and restoring.
Cura Audit helps organisations improve the overall effectiveness of their risk management, control and governance processes. So organised, they could collect selected information to create  White Paper with relevant facts for their Client accompanies.

White Paper: Cura Business Continuity Management Software Solution

BCM joins many enterprise applications and processes by adopting electronic storage and cloud computing as a means of retaining and maintaining a dynamic corporate continuity platform.
Far from the days of static, paper-based business continuity plans – stored in an archive that were accessed, perhaps once per year – electronic continuity plans are always available and adaptable to changing situations and environments.

By moving to a software-based BCM tool, businesses can develop a dynamic, ever-evolving ‘Business Continuity Plan’ that meets their current needs instead of the requirements of a company that existed a year ago on paper.
Your BCM remains consistent, dynamic, accessible, continuously available for analysis, and green. It will also allow you to draft a current White Paper as often as required.

White Paper: Cura Incident Management Software Solution

enables organisations to capture, classify and manage reportable events in order to protect the company brand, safeguard intellectual property, create a safer workplace and better manage business risks.
With Cura, Incident Management becomes a valuable learning asset that helps reduce potentially harmful future incidents and safeguards an organisation’s reputation.

Cura combines powerful ‘Incident Management’ capabilities into a flexible solution that streamlines processes and reduces errors, versus manual and lone-standing methods.

All Cura Management Software Solutions are available as standalone applications or as an add-on module to a more comprehensive implementation, based on the Cura Enterprise GRC Platform, a common infrastructure for organisations to manage Governance, Risk and Compliance information on an enterprise-wide basis.
With integrated reporting dashboards, full audit support, and more, the Cura Enterprise GRC Platform is the complete solution for Governance, Risk and Compliance requirements.

Cura combines powerful compliance management capabilities into a flexible solution that streamlines processes and reduces errors, as opposed to any lone-standing or manual method. It also allows you current White Papers for the benefit of existing and potential clients


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