Why Us?

Why Us?

Creative Content Writing, Content Editing, Proof Reading, Marketing Presentations.

Why Us? Our chief contributor, Frederick Erasmus is an expert Creative Content writer, Brochure writer, Researched Editor, and Native South African. Trilingual: English and Afrikaans may both qualify as 1st languages and German as the 3rd.
He studied at an Afrikaans University (Pretoria – B.Iuris) with English as a subject. A few years after leaving university he started his career in marketing, firstly in the FMCG sector and then joined South Africa’s leading Life Assurance & Financial Services Company, Old Mutual.

He spent 27 years in the broker services division, during which his primary function was marketing (B2B) and promotion of the Supplier and their products’ benefits (Creative Content Writing) to the intermediary (Broker) and end user (the broker’s clients). These were achieved through one-on-one as well as small and large groups’ training and presentations.
During that time he completed scores of marketing and product training courses (background to Brochures) and he also completed a Marketing Management Diploma (IMM) through Damelin College. After Old Mutual he worked for 4 more Assurers till the last, Sage Financials was bought by Momentum, purely to gain their assets and summarily closed Sage down, leaving staff country-wide unemployed.
For the record, Frederick held No: 1 position nationally, for top producing Broker Consultant, at the time of Sage’s closure in 2006.

Content Writing
Content Writing

Apart from his marketing and specifically promotional skills training and multiple creations of, and actual presentations of promotions (grounding for Sales Letters), his predilection with the languages, English and Afrikaans, got him more involved with the marketing Material per se. (the basis for Web Articles & Case Studies)
He often created the text for product descriptions and training guides, sales and promotional brochures as well as live presentations, many sales and productivity reports and press releases.

Due to his IMM qualification he was requested to do some feasibility studies which resulted in him founding, stocking and staffing 3 different offices and he rose to the position of Regional Manager with Standard General, managing 4 branches and a staff complement of 20-25 people.

During those years, much of the marketing material was created in English and had to be translated from English to Afrikaans, which allowed him continuous opportunities to satisfy his craving for Creative Content Writing and translation.
It was also often his privilege to proof read and edit original documents, not only for translation, but to ensure they were of the best possible presentable composition. (Researched Editing)

After his involuntary ‘retirement’ from Sage Financial, his passion also became his present vocation for 8 years; professional freelance creative writer, proof reader, research & corrective editor and translator, for which he is expertly qualified, operating as Sure2Write. He has successfully passed the qualifying translators’ exams of, and is now a Registered Fellow Linguist for Transperfect International.

Content Writing
Content Writing

Since operating as a freelancer he has been contracting through ELANCE and similar freelance sights, as well as procuring assignments privately.

He has the following completed tasks to his credit:

• 400+ individually researched SEO-targeted blog articles for the websites of various very diverse businesses
• Website Contents
• Product Descriptions
• Advertising Blurps
• Brochures
• Promotional Packaging
• Business Letters
• Sales Letters, White Papers
• Case Studies
• Scientific Studies
• Press Releases
• Long- and Short-form proof reading and Research-backed Editing.

Presently we explore opportunities for single assignments, as well as permanent or long term contract appointments.

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